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Bosc Monitor

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Bosc Monitor - Savannah monitor
Conservation status (Least Concern)
Bosc Monitor
Bosc Monitor status
The Savannah monitor is a medium-sized species of monitor lizard native to Africa.  The species is known as Bosc's monitor in Europe, since French scientist Louis Bosc first described the species. It belongs to the subgenus Polydaedalus. They are robust creatures, with powerful limbs for digging, powerful jaws and blunt, peg like teeth. The skin coloration pattern varies according to the local habitat substrate. They are usually dark grey with lighter tan or yellowish patterns. The body scales are large, usually less than 100 scales around mid-body, a partly laterally compressed tail with a double dorsal ridge and nostrils equidistant from the eyes and the tip of the snout.

Bosc Monitor
Bosc Monitor
Bosc Monitor
Savannah monitors are found throughout sub-Saharan Africa from Senegal east to Sudan and south almost to the Congo River and Rift Valley. They live in Savannah or grassland areas, but may also be found in rocky, semi-desert habitats, open forest, and woodlands.

Savannah monitors are carnivores. They use a feast and fast system which depends on the weather. They feast during the wet season when food is plentiful and during the dry season they survive off the fat reserves they built up during the wet season. The diet of Savannah monitors includes beetles, scorpions, snakes, snails, millipedes, small mammals, birds, lizards, and eggs.
Savannah monitors are primarily ground-dwelling creatures that shelter in burrows, although they are sometimes found in bushes or low trees. They are very good climbers and excellent diggers. Savannah monitors are solitary and territorial. They spend most of their time hunting their prey or basking. Males are very territorial and defend their territory very aggressively. They chase intruders with hissing, thrashing their tails, and inflating their throats. If the opponent doesn't leave, they may wrestle and bite each other. When threatened Savannah monitors will hiss loudly and strike the ground with their tail to ward off predators. If that doesn't work they will play dead.
Bosc Monitor
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